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The team In terra Corsa

A guarantee of know-how, solidity and reliability...

The little story…
Founded in 1998, in Terra Corsa, it is first of all the story of a native of the country, Jean-Christophe Bastiani, graduate of the University of Corsica and Lyon, state mountaineering certificate, guide in mountain, who wants to stay live and work in his village, in his mountains.
Un savoir faire en activités natureUn savoir faire en activités nature
A know-how
Perseverance and above all passion make in Terra Corsa today a guarantee of know-how, solidity and reliability in the field of outdoor tourism in Corsica.<br>
Producer of all of its activities, in Terra Corsa offers quality experiences at the best pricing conditions in an atmosphere of authenticity and conviviality.
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A team of Tourism professionals

A family business on a human scale, in Terra Corsa is organized around a team of qualified, qualified and passionate sports educators who supervise and lead your activities and a team of tourism professionals who inform you and welcome you all the time. year.

In Terra Corsa values

Sustainable and responsible tourism

Outdoor activities offer unique and unforgettable experiences in a heavenly setting. To make this always possible, our team works for responsible, sustainable and equitable tourism:
Protection de l’environnement en Corse
Environmental protection

We are committed to respecting and protecting natural sites and raising awareness among activity participants.

Conditions des activités sportives en Corse
Labor conditions

We declare and insure our instructors and partners contractually in accordance with current legislation.

Respect de la nature en Corse
Respect for the local population

We fight for the revitalization of the rural and mountain environment and act so that the population benefits from the financial advantages of tourism while preserving and respecting their island way of life.

The In Terra Corsa Chart

  • Promote sustainable and responsible tourism concerned with the preservation of the environment, heritage, culture and the Corsican language
  • Raise awareness among the tourist population and staff
  • Respect and protect natural spaces and local populations
  • Organize the operation of the company in such a way as to save energy, materials and water (maximum use of recycled paper, limitation of printing, etc.)
  • Minimize the impact of activity on the environment, in particular with the implementation of a waste management policy, reduction of our CO2 footprint, etc.
  • Fight for the economic revitalization of the Corsican rural and mountain environment by favoring local jobs as much as possible
  • Implement actions so that local guests benefit from the financial, material and ideological advantages of tourism while preserving Corsican culture and soul
  • Encourage the development of qualitative tourism for an authentic discovery of Corsica
  • Fight against seasonality by promoting long-term permanent and fixed-term contracts
  • Transparently inform customers and partners about the company, activities and services offered
  • Ensure the know-how and professional skills of staff (training, etc.)
  • Insure and declare employees and partners in accordance with current legislation, respect the legal conditions for exercising their profession and observe decent working conditions for staff

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