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The FAQ of activities in Corsica

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At our counters: At the in Terra Corsa agency in Ponte-Leccia, at the Losari Nautical Center or at the ESI Altu-Ascu

Activity spaces are limited. Only full payment for the service confirms your reservation.

All reservations are firm and final. Our services are neither modifiable, nor exchangeable, nor refundable. Our prices do not include cancellation insurance, we advise you to inquire with your insurance company. We also offer you adapted contracts including cancellation insurance by Allianz Travel. For more details, consult our general conditions of sale.

The in Terra Corsa agency and its activity sites (Asco Vallée Aventure park, canyon departures, etc.) are not served by public transport. Carpooling may be possible but we cannot guarantee it. This is why it is necessary that you own your personal vehicle.

Although we love and respect animals, they are not allowed within our agency and on our activity sites.

Rafting, canyoning and water hiking

What is the difference between canyoning and rafting?

To go rafting, you need… a raft: an unsinkable boat necessary for its practice. To steer it, the crew members each have a paddle and the guide holds the helm!

Canyoning, it’s different. There are no boats. Just you, progressing in the watercourse, on foot! To overcome certain obstacles, you will have to jump from the top of waterfalls, slide down natural slides or even rappel down a cliff.

In Corsica, rafting is practiced in spring, when the snow melts. With an interesting water level, April and May is therefore the best season to practice your favorite activity!

Canyoning is practiced on natural and wild sites and therefore not secure. Natural risks beyond our control (but very rare) can occur (sudden rise in water levels due to a storm, etc.). This is why we select qualified professional guides according to current legislation and ensure their perfect knowledge of the terrain and the risks of canyoning in order to guarantee you pleasure and safety throughout your activity. In addition, we are in constant contact with the meteorological services in order to have a precise assessment of the conditions at each activity site.

The Kid canyon aqua hike and the unmissable Canyon do not require any experience in the activity. Furthermore, in these formulas all obstacles can be circumvented. Our qualified guides will be happy to introduce you to their favorite sport. It is still mandatory to know how to swim.

Obstacles in canyoning are never obligatory, there is always a possibility of getting around them. Our qualified instructors have perfect knowledge of the field and adapt to the requests of participants.

Although our activities are accessible to everyone, it is nevertheless essential to know how to swim. Your child must be able to put their head underwater and swim a lap of the pool (approximately 20 meters). For your safety, we ensure compliance with these conditions when booking.

In accordance with the legislation, all minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult practicing the activity.

For your safety and that of your baby, our activities are strongly not recommended for pregnant women.

For your safety, we are very demanding and sometimes disputed by certain participants who think they can practice the activities in street shoes or Adidas Stan Smith type shoes, Converses, slippers or river sandals, shoes with only 1 Velcro, unclosed shoes, tennis, light canvas shoes… At in Terra Corsa, a customer with poor shoes does not practice any activity. A rental service is available if you do not have a suitable pair of sports shoes.

Canyoning can be practiced safely in the rain at a suitable water level. However, our guides are the best judges. For safety reasons, they may have to modify the program of your activity in the event of unfavorable weather conditions.

The legislation authorizes a maximum of 12 participants per guide.

YES. To avoid losing them, it is best to attach them with a cord if you have one. The guide will advise you to slip them into your suit during obstacles.

Via Ferrata and giant zip lines

What is the via ferrata?

Via ferrata means “railway” in Latin. It is a route located in a rock face equipped with specific elements such as cables, ladders, ramps, etc. intended to facilitate vertical progression. The Italian army developed this activity from the beginning of the 20th century to facilitate the passage of Alpine troops from one valley to another in the Dolomites. Our different via ferrata routes are suitable for all audiences and allow you to discover the striking landscapes of the Asco Valley in an original and unique way.

If it’s just an apprehension of heights, we advise you to take a first vertical approach with the Family Adventure course and to try your hand at the other routes gradually. If you are prone to severe dizziness, we do not recommend this type of activity. You can enjoy the river, its natural swimming pools and laze in the sun while waiting for the participants!

The via ferrata is an activity that is still a little unknown to the public. However, our courses include workshops similar to tree climbing courses (hanging trunks, monkey bridges, etc.). You do not evolve in the trees but in the surprising world of taffoni (particular erosion of rock). If you are looking for an original activity in a unique setting, the Asco Vallée Aventure park is “the place to be”!

You progress independently on the courses, under the supervision of our teams. Our qualified operators ensure your safety and provide you with help and/or advice in the event of difficulties. Rest assured, our courses are suitable for all audiences, young and old, beginners and experienced. In addition, the obligatory video briefing before your departure on the activity simply explains the use of the equipment and the safety rules. However, if you wish, we offer supervised packages allowing you supervision throughout your activity (contact us).

The via ferrata and giant zip lines courses are accessible from 1m10. The maximum weight allowed on the courses is 110kg. Les Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult also practicing the activity (18 years old for the sports and Xpert courses, 1 adult for 2 children maximum for the Family Adventure course).

In accordance with the legislation, before accessing the courses, participants must attend and participate in the video briefing (instructions for using the equipment and safety instructions) followed by practice on a test course. Access to a course cannot be done without the validation of an operator, the only one authorized to assess your suitability.

For your safety, the Asco Vallée Aventure park is subject to strict regulations. Access is reserved only for customers in Terra Corsa, i.e. people with a ticket and equipped by us with mandatory personal protective equipment.

We advise accompanying persons to enjoy the Asco valley and its river, swim in the natural swimming pools (swimming areas accessible before the park), read a book or laze in the sun at the water’s edge or discover the specificities of the village of Asco (honey, sheep cheeses, etc.).

Unlike the public via ferrata sites that you can find on the Continent, the Asco Vallée Aventure park is a private site. Its maintenance and operation are managed by the in Terra Corsa agency. Access to it is therefore strictly reserved for customers in Terra Corsa, i.e. people with a ticket and equipped with the mandatory personal protective equipment provided by us.

In accordance with current legislation, children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult practicing the activity. In addition, for safety reasons, we do not allow children under 18 to play alone on the sports and Xpert courses without the presence of adults.

Our guides are the best judges. They may be required to modify the program of your activities in the event of unfavorable weather conditions. If your activity is canceled, we will take care to notify you by telephone the day before at the latest. The weather is very variable in Corsica. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out the weather forecast at Asco Vallée Aventure park.

The cancellation of an activity is decided solely by our technical team based on weather and safety conditions.