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Sustainable and responsible tourism

Outdoor activities offer unique and unforgettable experiences in a heavenly setting. So that this is always possible, our team works for responsible,
sustainable and fair tourism:

Environment protection

We are committed to respecting and protecting the natural places and to raising participants’ awareness.  

Working conditions

We declare and insure our instructors and partners in a contractual manner according to the legislation in force.

Respect for the local population

We fight for the rural and mountain environment revitalization and act so that the population benefits from the financial advantages of tourism while preserving and respecting the island way of life.

in Terra Corsa Charter

  • Promote sustainable and responsible tourism, protect Corsican environment, heritage, culture and language
  • Raise tourist population and staff’s awareness 
  • Respect and protect natural places and local population
  • Organize the running of the company so as to save energy, materials and water (recycled paper, limited printing…)
  • Minimize the impact of the company’s activity on environment, in particular with the implementation of a waste management policy or by reducing our carbon footprint
  • Fight for the Corsican rural and mountain economic revitalization by favoring local jobs as much as possible
  • Implement actions so that local hosts benefit from the financial, material and ideological advantages of tourism while preserving the Corsican culture and soul
  • Encourage the development of qualitative tourism for an authentic discovery of Corsica
  • Combating seasonality by favoring long-term and permanent contracts
  • Inform transparently clients and partners about the company, activities and services
  • Ensure the know-how and the professional skills of our staff (trainings…)
  • Insure and declare employees and partners according to the legislation in force, respect the legal conditions for the exercise of their profession and observe decent working conditions