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To assure at best your safety

We are exacting about the technicals equipments to assure your security. The individuals protections (EPI) are verified and washed everyday with eco-friendly products. Moreover, our quality process include health measures to insure your well-being during our activities.

A cancellation may occure due to an unfavourable weather forecast or for safety reasons. This decision is taken by our technical staff.

Our transparent sanitary policy

Since 1998, we implemented a quality approach that incorporates stricts sanitary measures to ensure your safety and well-being during our activities.

The solutions provided by our teams is an effective response to the hygiene standards and norms linked to the current epidemic.

What has changed comes, essentialy, down to wearing the mask and gloves.

At In Terra, no wetsuits languish in the car trunks of our instructors for an entire season, not even for a week, or a entire day.

Sanitary policy In terra Corsa Handover of individual equipment, washed, controlled, adapted to youractivity and your size and height in a personal bag. Use of your individual and collective equipements. Return of the equipments in your bag Disinfection with an "Bacterless" an eco-friendly product andwater rinse. Drying and isolation of the equipment for 48h. Equipments controls, maintenance and EPI registerupdate. Collective and individual equipments prepationby our teams. RECEPTION ACTIVITY TIME RETURNAREA CLEANINGAREA STORAGEAREA PREPARATIONAREA
Our sanitary policy adaptation - COVID 19
For you For our teams
Recepetion at the agency
  • Hand sanitiser at the entrance
  • Mask wearing
  • Protection pane at the counter
  • Activities in asco vallée adventure park
  • Mandatory glove - from the start until the end of the activity
  • Mask wearing - during the breifing
  • Gloves and masks mandatory during the briefing
  • Canyon, Rafting, Kayaking
  • Masks mandatory during the briefing
  • Our sanitary policy is organised from and by our agence in Ponte Leccia, your meeting point and return activities place. 

    The materiAl and equipments

    a high-performance materiel and modern facilities with an environnement awareness

    We have choose to equip you with well-know makers recognized for their performance and quality of equipments. Furthermore, we are demanding on the technical material that we supply you during the activity. The personal technical equipment is not authorise in our sites and during the activities. 

    At your arrival at the agence in Ponte Leccia, your meeting place, we provide the specific equipment necessary to practice of your activity.  You will find in your individuals bags :

    For the Asco vallée adventure park

    • A bag 
    • A harness and a tether, a pulley
    • An helmet
    • Gloves

    En rafting/canyoning/kayaking

    • A bag
    • A dry wetsuit in your size
    • An helmet

    In order to make sure you don’t forget anything on the day of your activity, we have prepared a (non-exhaustive) list of the personal equipment you should bring.