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Moderate level of fitness and good mental health

Swimming ability is compulsory for water activities

Check the age, height and weight required for each activity

Respect the safety rules

A cancellation may occure due to an unfavourable weather forecast or for safety reasons. This decision is taken by our technical staff.

Safety equipment of the highest quality and
structures designed to preserve the environment

Our safety systems and procedures are independently audited to ensure we operate to the highest safety standards.
Your own gear is not allowed for our activities.

Our safety equipment is daily checked and washed with eco-friendly products.

We select our safety equipment with some of the leading suppliers in outdoor activities. Reciprocally, they trust us to test their prototype before marketing it.

Some advice

By car

  • Allow cars to pass if it is difficult for you to drive on mountain roads 
  • Park your car before taking pictures of landscapes
  • Do not leave valuables in plain view

In the villages

  • Respect the Corsican lifestyle
  • Drive slowly and do not honk
  • Wear appropriate clothing (no swimsuit or shirtless) 

In the natural places

  • Respect and protect the environment
  • Stay away from free animals and do not feed them (pigs, donkeys, cows, goats, dogs…)
  • Be prepared to take any rubbish and recycling with you when you leave
  • Do not pick the flora. Some plant varieties are endemic and protected, some of them are also irritant.
  • Use eco-friendly sunscreen if you swim in the rivers
  • Dogs are note allowed by and in the river in Asco valley (city ordinance)
  • Wild camping is forbidden in Corsica

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