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How can I book my activities ?
  1. Online : www.interracorsa.com
  2. By phone : +33 495 476 948
  3. At the desk : in Terra Corsa office in Ponte-Leccia, Losari watersports center or Altu-Ascu ski school
Do I need to book and pay my activity in advance ?

Bookings are essential to guarantee your activity and should be made in advance to avoid disappointment. 

As places are limited, for any reservation, payment in full is required.

Can I cancel my booking ?

Bookings at in Terra Corsa are non-transferable, non-refundable and unmodifiable. Bookings are firm and definitive.

Bookings are non-refundable in case of no-show, delay, modification or interruption of the activity.

We advise you to take out additional insurance such as multi-risk, cancellation or repatriation ones.


How can I join in Terra Corsa office and the places of activities ?

There is no public transport to join in Terra Corsa office and the places of activities (Asco Vallée Aventure park, canyon spots…). You can try car-pooling but we cannot guarantee you that it will work. That’s why it is better to have your own car.

May I come with my dog ? My pets ?

Although we love animals, they are not allowed in our office and on the different places of activities.

Rafting, canyoning and river kayaking

What are the differences between canyoning and rafting ?

To do rafting, we need… a raft: a large inflatable boat. The crew require an experienced guide who drives the boat. The crew works together to fulfil the commands shouted out by the guide.

Canyoning is different because there is no boat. When you go canyoning you will be trekking through river gorges. You will also explore around rock pools and behind waterfalls. You will find yourself abseiling down waterfalls as well as tackling cliff jumps into stunning water rock pools.


What is the best season for rafting ?

In Corsica, we practice rafting in spring when the snow starts to melt. April and May are the perfect months to enjoy this activity !

Is canyoning dangerous ?

Canyoning is practiced on wild and natural sites so on unsecured places. Natural risks beyond our control (but very rare) can happen (as sudden river level rise due to a storm) . This is why we recruit professional and certified guides who know perfectly the canyoning sites and the activity’s risks. They are fully trained to perform rescues from anywhere on the canyoning places. In addition, we are in constant contact with the meteorological services in order to have a precise evaluation of the conditions on each canyoning area. 

I have never done canyoning before. Can I participate ?

Kid canyon rando aqua and Canyon l’incontournable are ideal for those who are new to canyoning. Moreover, obstacles are optional in these trips. And the most important is that you have to be able to swim to go canyoning.

Are the jumps optional ?

If you really don’t want to do any of the elements once you are in the canyon we can provide alternative options. You can choose your level of challenge. Our guides can provide alternatives if you wish to make sure you are comfortable during the entire trip.

My child can swim a little. Can he participate?

All canyoning trips require swimming ability. Your child must be able to put his head under water and swim at least 20 meters. We make sure that these conditions are met when you book.

My child is minor. Do I have to participate with him to the activity ?

According to French law, all minors under the age of 16 must be with a responsible adult who practice the activity too.

What if I'm pregnant ?

Unfortunately due to safety risks anyone who is pregnant is unable to participate.

Can I practice canyoning with street shoes or wetsuit boots ?

For your safety, we are very strict. We sometimes have complaints from clients who think to be able to practice the activities with street shoes such as Adidas Stan Smith®, Converse®, wetsuit boots, sandals, slip off shoes, open footwear… At in Terra Corsa, a badly shod person does not practice any activity. A shoes rental is available at our office if you do not have the required shoes. 

What if it rains ?

Moderate rain does not affect the safety of our activities. However, during periods of heavy rain canyoning may be suspended. If you have any concerns about the weather forecast please give us a call

How many people per canyoning group ?

According to French law, 12 people maximum per guide is allowed. 

Can I wear my glasses ?

We don’t recommend you wear glasses in the canyon. Contact lenses are better but can still fall out. If you only have glasses, ensure you have a sports strap or tie and let your guide know before departure. Glasses are worn at clients risk.

Via ferrata and giant zip lines

What is via ferrata?

A via ferrata (an Italian term which means “iron path’”) is a protected climbing route, built with a steel cable rail fixed to the rock, metal steps, ladders, suspension bridges and zip wires.

The word defines both the route and the outdoor activity, which consists on progressing through the via ferrata by using a harness clipped onto the wire. Half-way between scrambling and rock climbing, via ferratas allow non-expert climbers to reach high altitudes in a safe way.

I am afraid with heights…Can I practice via ferrata ?

If you are just uncomfortable with heights, we advise you a first vertical approach with the Family Aventure course and to try other routes gradually. If you are afraid of heights, we do not recommend this type of activity. 

Do I need to have previous experience ?

Via ferrata is an activity a little unknow by people. However, each course is an aerial pathway of activities like on forest adventure parks: suspended bridges, ladders… You do not progress from tree to tree but you climb in the surprising “taffoni” land (specific rock erosion). If you are looking for a unique activity in one of the most beautiful places of Corsica, Asco Vallée Aventure park is « the place to be » !

Will there be a guide with me at all times ?

Each course is self-guided. Before climbing all participants watch a video safety demonstration, then required to demonstrate understanding on a practice course. This ensures all climbers are familiar with the park safety rules including how to use the safety equipment correctly and how to safely undertake the activities. Once participants have completed the practice course they continue unguided while in Terra Corsa instructors actively patrol the park should anyone need assistance or have any questions.

If you want a guided tour, it is possible ! Please contact us for more information.

Are there any restriction to practice via ferrata ? Height, weight, ages...?

Our courses are suitable for anyone 4 years+ as long as they meet the minimum height requirement (1.10m for the Family Aventure course). There is a weight limit of 110kgs for participation in the activities. Children under the age of 16 must be with an adult who practice the activity too (18 for sportif and X-pert courses ; 1 adult with 2 kids maximum for Family Aventure course).

I have ever done a course in Asco Vallée Aventure park / I am used to climb. Do I need to complete the brief ?

According to French law, every participant must complete a brief 15-20 minute safety training session before starting the activities. This involves a video demonstration introducing participants to their personal safety equipment and course safety systems. Once you have completed a low practise course, and the instructor is confident that you understand how to remain safe at all times, you will continue around the courses on your own.

I do not want to practice via ferrata but I would like to go in the park with my family/my friends to see them on the course, to take pictures... Is it possible?

For your safety, Asco Vallée Aventure park is subject to strict regulation. The access is restricted to in Terra Corsa clients, that is to say people with a ticket and fitted with a harness and helmet by our staff.

We advise the “spectators” to enjoy Asco valley and its river, to have a swim in the natural pools, to discover Asco village with its specialities (honey, sheep’s cheese…).

I am a rock climber and I have my own equipment. Can I enter the park ?

Unlike the public via ferrata places that you can find in France or in other countries, Asco Vallée Aventure park is a private site. The operation and maintenance services are managed by in Terra Corsa company. The access of the park is restricted to in Terra Corsa clients, that is to say people with a ticket and fitted with in Terra Corsa’s harness and helmet. 

My child is minor. Do I have to practice the activity with him ?

According to French law, children under the age of 16 must be with an adult who practice the activity too. Furthermore, for safety reasons, children under the age of 18 are not allowed to progress on sportif and X-pert courses without an adult.

What if it rains ?

Light and moderate rain does not affect the safety of our activities or equipment. However, during periods of heavy rain or high winds climbing may be suspended. If you have any concerns about the weather forecast please give us a call.